About Us

Dutton Farm Market is a high-end line of natural and handmade beauty products that are manufactured, packaged and distributed by persons with developmental disabilities. Dutton Farm Market grew organically out of a need within an existing non-profit, Dutton Farm. Dutton Farm is a non-profit that whose purpose is to provide meaningful engagement and educational opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. Dutton Farm Market began by serving one person who was in need of employment. Our founder and CEO developed one natural bar of soap and negotiated a deal with a local bed and breakfast which allowed her to hire the original person in need. This tiny idea grew into the business that it is today and has allowed us to train and hire many amazing people with unique needs. Each product sold is another one our employees get to make!


Meet our team!

Jenny Brown is the Founder and CEO of Dutton Farm Market. She will quickly tell you this is the best job in the world! 



Meet Rose, our head of quality control! Rose has been at Dutton Farm since 2013! Her specialty is quality control and she has a great eye for detail. Her favorite product to make is our candles! Rose is in charge of starting every morning in the market. She is extremely proud to be offered and job and when she received her first pay check!
Kevin is employed Dutton Farm Market.  Kevin began coming to Dutton Farm ih 2017.  As an employee of the Market, he cuts soap, greets customers and loves making money.   Having a job makes Kevin feel better and he likes to spend his money on pop and snacks.  When he received his first paycheck, Kevin used it to take his family out to dinner.



Joseph is the Assistant Market Manager for Dutton Farm Market.  Joe is part a of a large family of 14 siblings!  Over the years, he has spent time volunteering for many different organizations.  When not hard at work for Dutton Farm, Joe loves to go bowling and to the movies.

Hailey Dunivin started at Dutton Farm in Adult Education in 2016. She quickly became one of the first employees of Dutton Farm Market and has a passion for soap making. She is known around the farm as soap queen! Hailey has lead product lessons on the farm, as well as soap making classes in local elementary schools. She also loves taking care of our rabbit Kelly and watching the sheep. Hailey was named our February 2019 Employee of the month.

Patty is our production manager...
Amber is our Marketing
Beth is sales and events