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What is Dutton Farm Market?

Dutton Farm Market is a high-end line of natural and handmade beauty products that are manufactured, packaged and distributed by persons with developmental disabilities. Dutton Farm Market grew organically out of a need within an existing non-profit, Dutton Farm. Dutton Farm is a non-profit that whose purpose is to provide meaningful engagement and educational opportunities to adults with developmental disabilities. Dutton Farm Market began by serving one person who was in need of employment. Our founder and CEO developed one natural bar of soap and negotiated a deal with a local bed and breakfast which allowed her to hire the original person in need. This tiny idea grew into the business that it is today and has allowed us to train and hire many amazing people with unique needs. Each product sold is another one our employees get to make!

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I have given a large assortment of their soaps as gifts over the last two years. Every time I do they are a huge hit! So many have said the scents and feel of the soap is superb!

Lisa Howard Kowalski

The soaps are amazing! Smell amazing and leave you feeling so soft. My daughter and I love them. To know we are also helping to employee some great people in our community makes our purchase feel even better!

Lindsey Daines

Excellent products & produce! Great little play area for my daughter. Loved seeing the animals. Fantastic & friendly staff that can't wait to meet you.

Jacqueline Paquette